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Vincent Oddo, Chief Executive Officer, LingoVincent Oddo, Chief Executive Officer
As communications technology evolves, businesses are adapting to the ever-changing environment, with many abandoning traditional landlines and premise-based phone systems in pursuit of IP-based, Cloud/ Unified Communications (UC) solutions. However, small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs) have been slower to adopt Cloud/UC than larger “Enterprise” organizations, although this is not due to a lack of interest. SMBs have been slower to implement Cloud/UC and other advanced services due to lack of expertise, understanding, and time when it comes to adopting new technology. This is where Lingo Communications (“Lingo”), a Cloud/UC and Managed Service provider, comes in to help simplify, educate, and implement these solutions for SMB customers to put them on equal footing with larger enterprise customers.

Lingo is a global service provider that primarily serves the SMB and Carrier (wholesale) sectors with IP-based Cloud/UC, voice and data, mobile services, and other managed services. The Lingo moniker originated from the Lingo VoIP product line started by Primus Telecommunications (“Primus”). Birch Communications (“Birch”) acquired Primus in 2016 and the Lingo business was later “carved-out” from Birch in 2018.

Over the last three years, since the carve-out was completed, Lingo has gained traction as a trusted global telecom provider. With its expertise serving SMB and Carrier customers, Lingo has grown to become one of the most trusted communication service providers, serving over 140,000 customers across the globe. The company provides comprehensive services such as Cloud/UC, contact center solutions, legacy voice service, fiber broadband and software-defined wide area network (SD-WAN). Typically, these sophisticated products and solutions are commonly associated with larger enterprise clients, but Lingo simplifies the products and the implementation so that SMB customers can benefit from the efficiency and enhanced functionality that they offer.

"We recognize that small business customers want excellent service and support, but rarely find that in the marketplace. Lingo, on the other hand, provides “enterprise” style services and support to SMB customers which translates into a much higher quality experience," says Vincent M. Oddo, Lingo’s CEO.

Unlike other Cloud/UC providers that outsource their customer care to other parts of the world, Lingo goes the extra mile to provide 24/7/365 business customer support from its US Contact Center in Atmore, Alabama. Being a single-source supplier, the company ensures that clients do not have to deal with multiple points of contact when an issue arises. Everything is done in a highly efficient and digital manner, from discussing product services with a prospect to pricing and even specialized agreements.

This enables both parties involved to keep track of all events and terms and conditions, enabling Lingo to swiftly handle any customer concerns. Lingo provides this white-glove service level whether a customer is a small SMB or one of their larger business customers who trust them for their telecom and technology solutions.

We recognize that small business customers want excellent service and support, but rarely find that in the marketplace. Lingo on the other hand provides “enterprise” style services and support to SMB customers which translates into a much higher quality experience

From a technology perspective, Lingo owns and operates two large facilities-based North American networks in addition to a smaller fiber network in Kentucky. One of the two North American networks is a Cloud/UC network with multiple redundant data centers. The other network is a long-distance (LD) and toll-free (TF) network that spans North America. Lingo uses the Cloud/UC network to provide advanced Cloud/UC services for its SMB customers and uses the LD/TF network to serve both its SMB and Carrier customers.


Today, as a large telecom service provider, Lingo offers a wide range of traditional and advanced services, enabling customers to choose the solutions that work best for their individual needs. To illustrate that point, Vincent cites a customer success story where they recently transitioned a network of medical clinics across the country, from traditional telecom services to Cloud/UC services. Initially, Lingo took over one clinic, where they provided exceptional customer onboarding services that enthralled the client, allowing Lingo to take over many more clinics. This same strategy has been used to gain new business from several school districts, hospitals and many other SMB customers around the country. Along with migrating communications and data to the cloud, Lingo also provides value-added managed services like SD-WAN, which enables automatic broadband fail-over in the event the primary broadband circuit fails. In addition, the primary and secondary circuits are monitored and managed by Lingo 24/7/365 guaranteeing that there is never a loss of connectivity and that circuits are repaired in a timely manner.

Vincent states that Lingo has a firm grasp of which technologies work best for its SMB customers. The company's objective to focus on and assist SMB clients is what truly distinguishes them from many competitors in the Cloud/UC industry. Often, when working with larger enterprise companies, it is common for them to demand solutions that haven't been proven yet as a quick fix. In contrast, when working with SMB customers, Lingo can advise them on which technology really works best to fit their individual needs and when to adopt it to maximize technology performance and customer objectives.

With a solid value proposition, Lingo intends to improve its offerings and stay ahead of the curve. In 2022, Lingo plans to enhance their Cloud/UC platform to incorporate more connectivity with industry-leading business apps and to also enhance the video capabilities. Also, on next year’s drawing board are plans to further enhance SD-WAN capabilities and to expand broadband services and options.

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Vincent Oddo, Chief Executive Officer

Lingo offers efficient, modern, IP-based cloud voice and data along with other unified communications technologies to businesses of all sizes and consumers